At Loval Oy, our first priority is the quality of our products and operations. We emphasise continuous development and aim at being a good, safe place to work and a reliable partner for our customers and other stakeholders. We believe good quality includes environmental responsibility and ensuring that our partners operate according to our quality principles.

Sustainable development

Loval Oy investigates and recognises the environmental impacts of its operations and takes responsibility for protecting the environment. In all our operations, we abide by the law and official regulations. We follow the principles of sustainable development.

Energy efficiency is an important area of continuous development for us. We aim to optimise the energy use of our production processes and our products.

We are committed to improving our energy efficiency. Therefore, we have entered the Energy Efficiency Agreement for Industries, which promotes the achievement of the energy -saving targets set for Finland.

We include environmental values in all our choices and use renewable energy in our processes. For example, we use the waste heat from our processes to heat our facilities.

Corporate responsibility

We have signed the UN Global Compact corporate sustainability initiative. This means we have committed to internationally accepted principles regarding human rights, international working standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption. We expect our business partners to follow the same basic principles. All our employees are required to know our values, principles and way of working, which have been presented in our code of conduct.

Ethical principles

  • Respect for human rights

    We treat all our employees fairly with appreciation and respect.

    • We value and improve diversity among our employees.
    • We prevent discrimination by position or duties.
    • We never harass, threaten, or discriminate against our colleagues or business partners.
    • We respect the right of our employees to organise and enter collective agreements. We also respect the right of our employees to not join a trade union.
    • We prohibit child labour, illegal employment, and forced labour.
    • We ensure that employees under 18 are not exposed to high-risk work.
    • We protect the personal data of our employees and customers
    • We respect our employees’ right to express their opinion and communicate information responsibly.
  • Good working conditions

    We offer a good working environment and opportunities for personal development.

    • We create a good relationship with our employees and expect them to commit to our company's development.
    • We offer our employees the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills. This improves their professional skill and supports their personal and economic development.
    • We make no compromises when it comes to health and safety.
    • We take proactive measures to prevent accidents.
    • We pay our employees in accordance with the law and any applicable agreements. We reward good performance and exceptional achievement.
  • Reduced environmental impact

    We take the environment into account throughout our value chain.

    • Our strategy is to manufacture energy solutions that promote sustainable development.
    • We promote the use of renewable energy, natural resource conservation, and reductions to emissions and waste.
    • We take a holistic approach to environmental issues, from product development to recycling.
    • We identify risks to people and the environment and operate according to the precautionary principle.
  • Good business ethics

    We operate lawfully and with good business ethics in all our business operations and relationships.

    • We require transparency and honesty in all our operations and expect the same from our business partners.
    • We prohibit bribery and corruption. Business partners may only be compensated for the actual goods and services they deliver.
    • Gifts and other benefits may not exceed the local custom in value, and they must be allowed by local laws.
    • We abide by competition legislation and support fair competition.
    • Our employees must avoid conflicts of interest between their personal finances and the company’s business.
    • Our employees have the right to expose financial and other misconduct without fear of reprisal (“whistle-blower principle”).
    • We observe international market requirements and sanctions.
  • Responsible sourcing

    We make responsible purchases and set standards for our suppliers.

    • We only work with suppliers who will abide by our code of conduct.
    • We require certain things from our suppliers and evaluate them before working with them and during the relationship.
    • We encourage our suppliers to acquire certified quality, environmental, and working environment management systems.
    • We monitor the activities of our suppliers regularly. If we find issues with their operation, we require corrections or may terminate the whole relationship.
  • Product liability

    The functionality, quality, safety, and environmental friendliness of our products are our key requirements for continuous development.

    • We aim to promote sustainable development both in the design and use of our products. Energy efficiency, ecodesign, and life cycle thinking are the main keywords.
    • Our products fully meet the requirements of the agreed and statutory health and safety standards.
    • We instruct the installation, use, maintenance, and storage of our products clearly and correctly. We also explain how to safely dispose of them without harming the environment.
    • We make sure that our customers can get answers quickly for any questions about products.
  • Social responsibility
    • We participate, whenever possible, in the communities where we operate and seek to hire and develop local workers and supervisors.
    • Our aim is to teach the next generation more about processes and products and have them seek employment with us.
    • We pursue active development in industry networks and in collaboration with universities and research institutes.
    • We prioritise sponsorships that benefit our operating environment, support our values, and strengthen our relationship with customers and partners.
    • We never commit to political parties, politicians, or political organisations, and refrain from supporting them.
  • Transparency

    Our communication is honest and direct, and we conduct it in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards.

    • We maintain close relations with our stakeholders. Our stakeholder communications are based on regular contact, clarity, and good ethics.
    • Our employees are bound by all applicable rules of secrecy related to the information belonging to our company and our business partners, as well as any information that may affect the company's competitiveness and success.