Vacuum brazing technology

What is vacuum brazing?

Vacuum brazing is the optimal method for joining parts. In vacuum brazing, a filler is used to join parts together in a vacuum without melting the parts themselves. During the brazing process, the filler melts and capillary action forces the molten filler into the seam between the parts. Vacuum-brazed seams are gas-proof. Vacuum brazing technology can be used to join all common steel grades.

No corrosion

Corrosive flux is not used within process

Tight seals

Brazing material makes all the junctions gas tight


Within process it is possible to braze several products concurrently

Clean process

High temperature and vacuum makes process optimized where clean parts are required

Our brazing processes

We always select the optimal manufacturing process for each product. We use the following brazing methods:

  • Vacuum furnace brazing
  • Conveyer belt furnace
  • Flame brazing
  • Hand brazing

Product development

Product development and engineering services

We specialise in heating solutions and engineering vacuum-brazed custom parts.

We manufacture products for many industries and can use their best solutions to develop and design new products for our customers.

Our innovative approach to utilise our vacuum brazing expertise has already made it possible to find new ways for manufacturing complex products in many customer projects, where machining would have been a costly and demanding alternative. Vacuum brazing even allows different grades of steel to be joined.

Our product development and engineering services can be included in a product delivery project or used as a separate engineering service.