Business concept

  • We make high-quality products that meet the requirements of our customers.
  • We offer excellent service to our customers before, during, and after their decision to buy.
  • We wish to be the first supplier customers turn to when they need new and innovative solutions.
  • We aim to be the leading vacuum brazing specialist in Europe.
  • We take responsibility for the environment by being energy efficient.


Founded in 1960, Loval Oy is an expert in heating and vacuum brazing solutions. We currently employ some 400 people.

During our journey, we have grown into an international operation, with up to 85 per cent of our production being exported. We have successfully expanded our expertise and operations into many new product branches, including bioscience, medical, and laboratory equipment.

Loval's milestones

Eero Laakso


Eero Laakso establishes Loval Oy


Loval starts exporting to Sweden


Loval moves to new facilities in Loviisa, Finland


Loval adopts vacuum brazing technology


System products' production starts


Exports exceed 50 per cent of net sales

Plate heat exchangers


Plate heat exchangers' production starts


Operations expand through asset acquisition

Loval factory


Factory extension and a new laboratory

Finnish flag

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Environmental policy

Loval Oy recognises the environmental impacts of its operations and takes responsibility for protecting the environment. In all our operations, we abide by the law and official regulations and follow the principles of sustainable development.

We continuously develop our energy efficiency. We aim to optimise the energy use of our production processes and our products.

We have entered the Energy Efficiency Agreement for Industries, which promotes the achievement of the energy -saving targets set for Finland.

We include environmental values in all our choices and use renewable energy in our processes. We recover the thermal energy generated by our production processes and reuse it, along with geothermal systems, to heat our facilities.

Our certificates