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Loviisan Lämpö solves Loval's cooling needs and processes waste heat into environmentally friendly district heat

The expansion of Loval Oy's Loviisa plant and the increase in production capacity have increased the need for cooling. In recent years, Loviisan Lämpö Oy has sought to improve energy efficiency, for example by using waste heat in its district heat production.

The district heat development company Iotoi Oy helped Loviisa Lämpö and Loval to find a solution that not only achieves their goals, but does so in a socially responsible, environmentally friendly and commercially viable way.

Loviisan Lämpö will build an energy centre on the Loval Oy factory site to provide the necessary cooling for Loval Oy. The waste heat from the cooling process will be fed into Loviisa Lämmö's district heating network.

- The waste heat will cover up to a quarter of Loviisa's district heating needs. This is an important step for us towards district heat production without combustion," says Mikko Paajanen, Managing Director of Loviisa Lämpö Oy.

Waste heat recovery is the common denominator of the whole project: previously, excess heat was released into the air from the roof of a building, now all waste heat is reused either at its point of origin or elsewhere in the district heating network. This solution benefits the environment, reduces combustion and saves money for all parties involved.

- In addition to ensuring production conditions, the social responsibility and environmental friendliness of the solution outside the factory is also important to us," says Thomas Stendahl, Managing Director of Loval Oy.

The design and construction of the energy centre has started and will be completed in June 2024. Sweco Talotekniikka Oy is responsible for the structural design of the project.

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