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Wind mill products


Loval designs and produces a wide range of air- and liquid cooled load resistors optimized according to customer specifications to meet with e.g. wind power requirements.

Dimensioning is based on required power and load curve. Materials can be chosen from unalloyed and alloyed steels. Fan assisted cooling can be used in air cooled solutions whilst in high power application.

The core of Loval heating elements is well protected against demanding ambient conditions. Wind power solutions are professionally dimensioned according to customers´ specifications by Loval Engineering®.


 Load resistors can be either air or liquid cooled. Cooling liquid is normally water/glycol mixture, sometimes transformer oil.

Air cooled load banks are more simple in technical construction but their size power ratio makes them bigger.

Typical applications include load resistors of frequency converter drives of e.g. cranes, oil rigs, rolling stock equipment and various industrial applications.


  • Feasible for various operating conditions
  • Long service interval
  • durable in high temperature environment
  • approved and certificated solutions
  • Tubular element protects resistor core

Heat pump

Heat pump

Heat pump products


 Loval selection includes HP-52A series plate heat exchangers and integrated heat exchangers (IBHE) with brazed flow-through heater.

These HPA-52A and HPA-52A type heat exchangers were developed and tested together with our partnering university and our own laboratory. They combine high performance with compact, durable construction.

Loval plate heat exchangers are brazed with copper. Typical applications include heat pumps and various industrial processes.

Loval has manufactured copper brazed stainless steel plate heat exchangers for over 10 years.


 Loval heat exchangers are especially designed as condensers or evaporators for heat pumps. The asymmetric design increases the
overall performance while simultaneously allowing a 30% reduction in refrigerant amount.


Loval Plug and Play flow-through heaters can combine electric heater, vessel, terminal box, fixing devices, connection unions and insulation. Installation of flow-through heaters is therefore very easy and quick.


  • Feasible for various conditions
  • Extremely compact design
  • Easy to install
  • Approved and certificated solutions
  • Expert design
  • Low heat loss



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