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Engineering & Design

Product design is a process starting from the idea created to satisfy a customer requirement and ending at the finished manufacturing documents.

  • We assist engineering offices and organizations in their heating and heat transfer projects
  • All our products are built to meet the customers specific wishes.
  • We take into account all technical challenges that meet during the engineering process
  • Calculations, CAD drawings, official approvals, tests and documents are available through us. All this can be performed also at the customer premises

Loval is an expert in heat technological engineering.

Special brazing

  • High quality brazed joints
  • Clean process, no emissions and no need for fluxes
  • Suitable for mass production
  • Different products can be brazed simultaneously
  • Complex joints are easy to braze
  • Technique is used especially in aviation and space industries and in clinically demanded applications

Loval vacuum brazing is a unique production method.
Various parts of a component or a product are hard brazed together in a vacuum furnace. The method ensures strong, bright, uniform and corrosion resistant brazed seams.

Worldwide vacuum brazing is the preferred method especially in aviation and space technologies and other clinically demanding environments.

Vacuum brazing offers new possibilities for e.g. hydraulics and paper and pulp production. The technology can also be used for other coated materials.

Loval has several vacuum brazing furnaces.
Brazing operation can be carried out not only in vacuum but also in shield gas atmosphere. All Loval vacuum furnaces can use nitrogen and the latest one also argon and hydrogen as shield gas.

The latest brazing method at Loval is diffusion brazing which allows joining of components without filler metals.

Heating solutions

Heating Solutions

Control of costs of the complete chain of operations is an important factor in any successful business. A major part of the costs in many companies consists of bought-out services and components . Effective control of these is vital for successful business. This subcontracting requires a capable partner with innovative approach to challenges and analyzing the complete cost picture.

Loval is a global player in the field of heating and heat transfer.

To improve the success of our customers, we pay special attention to:

  • End use and requirements of the products
  • Optimal design and dimensioning
  • Expected life time of product
  • Technical requirments
  • Correct choice of materials
  • Correct dimensioning
  • Costs
  • Correct use of materials .
  • Logistics
  • Minimizing of floating assets
  • Environmental issues
  • Lifetime effects of product
  • Partnership
  • Continuous improvement through partnership

Our goal is an improved success of our customers. If you feel the need to improve your business, feel free to contact us for an analysis of your project case.


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