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Loval convector elements

Loval flow- through heaters can combine electric heater, vessel,
terminal box, fixing devices and connection units. Installation is therefore very easy and quick.

Dimensioning is based on required power and flow rate. Accurate temperature control even with low flow velocities. Heat losses can be
minimized by insulating the a cost effective way of heating liquids.


Loval convector elements

The heater is individually designed based on customer requirements.

Temperature controls, limiters and cable harnesses can be included for easy installation.

Motoren, Generatoren und Getriebe

Loval convector elements
Loval convector elements

Loval heating elements for high power and limited space applications,
e.g. generators, gearboxes and motors. Thermostats, over-temperature cut-outs and connecting cables can be added to
the elements.
Expert design and correct dimensioning ensure optimal functionality and an increased lifetime.



Good heat transfer properties
Optimized dimensioning by Loval Engineering®
Safe and approved construction


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