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Quality by LOVAL

A good supplier takes responsibility of the complete supply chain. This includes finding out the customer needs, which results in the right design, dimensioning, choice of materials, product safety and reliable delivery. Product quality and high quality operations are of utmost importance to us.

Our know-how gathered during our five decades of existence, combined with extensive R & D work in our own laboratory as well as with our partnering university in Finland makes us experts in many fields of heating technology, material choice and production technology.

We have held an ISO 9001 quality certificate since 1994. All of our personnel have had in-house quality training to ensure that our well designed products are manufactured in accordance with Loval Oy´s quality standards. Continuous and regular updating of training ensures that the goals set by our quality system continue to be achieved. Quality time at work and at home is our motto. 

Loval engineering
Loval engineering

Environmental policy

Loval Oy recognizes the environmental impact of its operations and bears responsibility in preventing any detrimental effects of its activities on the environment. Loval Oy complies with any relevant environmental legislation, other regulations and requirements set by its own organization. Loval Oy will develop all its operations, including environmental issues, based on continuous improvement.

Energy conservation and environmentally friendly energy are key values to Loval Oy. All electricity Loval Oy uses is produced by renewable sources. As a sign of our commitment to improved energy efficiency Loval Oy has joined the energy efficiency treaty of the Confederation of Finnish Industries which aims at promoting the advancement of national energy conservation requirements. Loval Oy strives to improved energy efficiency in both its production and its products

Loval Oy aims to minimize its material usage both in production and through product planning. The objective is to minimize the negative environmental effects of our products throughout their life span.

Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct, together with the rules for company management and the Group's policies and guidelines, provides a framework for our operations. The code applies to employees, management and board members.

The Code of Conduct also shows what we expect from our business partners.

The Code of Conduct gives comprehensive guidance in eight areas.

Code of conduct:

We treat all employees fairly, worthily and with respect.

  • We value and develop diversity among our employees.
  • We do not give any one special treatment regarding their employment or duties.
  • We do not harass, threaten or discriminate against colleagues or business partners.
  • We respect the right of the employees to organize and negotiate a collective agreement. We also respect the right of an employee to refuse to join a union.
  • We do not permit child labour, illegal labour or forced labour.
  • We ensure that employees under 18 years of age do not carry out risky work.


We offer good working conditions and opportunities for personal development.

  • We create good relations with our employees and expect involvement in the company's development.
  • We offer employees the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills. This is to increase professional ability and strengthen personal and economic development.
  • We do not compromise on health and safety issues.
  • We take preventative measures to reduce the risk of accidents and work injuries.
  • We pay wages and remuneration according to agreements and according to legislation and regulations.
  • Werewardgoodperformance and extraordinaryefforts.



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